Year archives: 2004


I’m not physically sick. Just sick of hearing myself think. I’ll be back when I’m no longer feeling existential. Don’t worry. It’s probably nothing some chocolate ice cream and a chick flick won’t fix.

Anti-Bush Super Bowl Ad CENSORED

You won’t see this ad if you watch the Super Bowl today. Why? Because CBS is all about censorship. Please join the One Minute Boycott. This is America, people. We don’t have to let them trample on free speech. Join me in saying to CBS, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take it.”

Let Me Count the Ways…

You – Hey, Debbie. Me – Hey. You – How will you be an embarassment to your daughter in her teenage years? Me – There are lots of ways, but first and foremost will be that I still listen to AC/DC. You – Really? Me – They only know three chords, but boy do they …


While we were waiting for our meals to arrive at The Spaghetti Factory, Michael told me this joke: “There are 10 kinds of people in the world. Those who know Binary and those who don’t.” Then he went on to explain how 10 is 2 in Binary, and that’s why the joke is funny. I …

Making Amends

While basking in the kind linkage that Scott-San tossed my way, it occurred to me what a loser I was for not having linked to the site that contained the original post that contained this brilliant ad therein. Did you get all that? Good. I’m done then.