George W. Bush Can Kiss My Fine Middle-Class White American Ass

Just putting that right out there first, so there is no doubt where I stand. I STAND PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN AND BARE ASSED SO THAT BUSH MIGHT KISS MY PROUD POSTERIOR. If that seems disrespectful to our DESERTER, uh, Commander-in -Chief then so be it.

I feel deeply sorry for the parents who have sent their children to possibly die in Iraq on the orders of a man who obviously would not put himself in harms way. He is a coward who hides behind the word “patriotism” so that he cannot be attacked. He is a man who must do this, because if challenged he will fall over like a paper doll. I offer him my posterior. I would prefer not to have his greasy lips there, but this is allegorical of course.

I cannot imagine how I would feel if my daughter or son had been sent. I know I would want to believe we were in this for the right reasons. For example, maybe to stop a terrorist threat. I would love to believe that was GWB’s motivation in sending troops except that wait, I remember, it was that BIN LADEN guy that was responsible for 9/11.

Hey, this is an interesting David Copperfield act you are pulling, Mr. GW. “Look over here at Iraq and maybe you won’t notice that I still haven’t pulled Bin Laden out of my hat.”, says the master of delusion.

Oh, and way to go what with the bombing the hell out of Baghdad and going against the UN and all, because that has made anti-American sentiment a thing of the past, no doubt.

How do you fight terrorism this way? Wouldn’t it be a much better idea to actually find and kill Bin Laden and his constituents?

This war is about oil. This war is about our dependence on foreign oil. It is about exxonmobil.
It sickens me that he is using 9/11 to sell us his war.

I know that more innocents are being lost now. Innocent lives on both sides. I feel the same thing now that I did on 9/11. I am watching helpless as people die in flames on my television screen. Not a good feeling. Not at all.

I don’t think God has chosen our people. I don’t think God has chosen their people. I think people use God as a way to force their beliefs and way of life onto other people. I think an American life is worth the same as any life. No more and no less.

I think the new Patriotism is the new racism only blacks are allowed to play this game too. We can hate, hate, hate. (In case you’re out of the habit and not sure who to hate, just start with the French. You don’t need a good reason. Just hate ’em for not being American.)

Hate me too. Hate everyone who has an opposing viewpoint about this war. You better do that. If you don’t hate us or boo us or try to stifle us, we might shatter the American dream.

Or, maybe, just maybe and I hope this is still true….America is about protecting the voice of the minority, no matter how small that voice might be. That’s an important thing to do, because some day you might be part of a minority. And, because sometimes the voice of the minority is the voice of reason. It has been many times before. Remember slavery? Remember when we had no child labor laws? Remember debtors prison?

America has always grown and come back stronger as a result of the minority finally being heard. Peace and love to all.

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