My Dedicated Reader

I don’t have much of a following. That’s sad, because I already bought the Kool-Aid and arsenic. Is arsenic still in fashion? Maybe quinine is the poison of choice now. Or, maybe, I should just pass out cigarettes and let ’em die slow.

In any case, my reader is very encouraging. He’s my husband, and he reads anything he can get his hands on as long as it’s science fiction. I’m the exception to this rule. He likes my rants. If I’ve learned anything in life, it’s this: You can’t disappoint your fan.

Maybe, someday, I’ll get my wish and be the leader of a world famous cult. I’ll make everyone wear Converse high tops. I’ll tell them that the aliens hate human ankles and that if we are to be the chosen people, we gotta cover them in style.

Until then, I’ll write for my biggest fan.

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  • I will always be your biggest fan.

  • I am the number two fan. I did not know some of the other articles were there and found by accident. Love them!!

  • I’m your #1 stalker! 🙂

  • Hey Sean,
    I’ve noticed that! I appreciate all the interest. It’s not a creepy thing at all – except for that one time you left the severed head in our mailbox. However, the fact that you seem interested in Michael’s page does tend to worry me a bit. 🙂

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