Bored But Busy

I decided that my web address should match the title of my page. I was amazed at how many weird domain names there are. For example, was already taken. I also considered my screen name “heatmiser” for a domain name. That is taken too. (Heatmiser is my screen name, because when I am in the process of dying my short red hair, I look just like this. That’s a fun little link, isn’t it?)

Anyway, my best friend Billy Grote and I used to drive around an awful lot trying to find things to keep us entertained. That was not an easy task. We live in Louisville, KY. In case you have been here just for the Kentucky Derby and mistakenly got the impression that Louisville is a happening place, let me burst your bubble right here. You were drunk on that industrial strength cleaner that we like to call whiskey, and all those cool people you met were also from out of town.

So, on one of those occasions where we were aimlessly driving around, probably trying to get lost, Billy coined the phrase “bored but busy” to describe us.

Now, we have been friends for seventeen years. No, we don’t actually speak anymore, but believe me, we’ve said it all already. So, in the true spirit of friendship, I have stolen his idea and am using it as my domain name and as the title of my web page. He will probably try to sue me! That’s why I linked his picture. It’s o.k. to steal as long as you’re not sneaky about it.

Billy, if you’re reading this, well, you’re probably the only one. I’m just typing to hear myself type. I do type really slowly, so it can be very sooothing. The pauses between the letters start to get longer and longer, and then I just need a nap. ZZZzzz.

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