I Know You Found Me By Accident, But Please Stay and Have Coffee

My husband has set up for me a great stats page. This means I can see what people doing internet searches were actually looking for when they found my site by accident. The stats page doesn’t show me their degree of disappointment, however. This I must surmise on my own. For this reason, I wish people would leave comments for me.

Anyway, I always giggle my butt off when I look at my stats. So, I’m going to share some of that information with you, my beloved readers.

The underlined words are the actual phrases people typed into their search bar only to find little old me (in error, of course).

arnold naked
I hope this person had more luck finding naked Schwarzenegger pics than I did when I performed the same search. Can anyone help us out here?
Date of my related post – 5/20

grinch slippers
In case the person who was looking for grinch slippers ever came back, I wanted to post a link to where grinch slippers were actually sold. I had no luck. Maybe they only try to sell them at Christmas? I, personally, am grinchy even in August, so I really don’t understand that marketing strategy.
Date of my related post – 5/14

Veet instructions
This really got me tickled. I hope this person read my “Instructions for Veet Use” and just threw away the leg wax or never bought it at all. If that is the case, I performed a valuable public service by saving someone some grief.
Date of my related post – 5/7

home alone bored housewives free
This one is weird to me, mainly because I used the words “home alone” in one of my posts and “bored housewives” in another. This makes me wonder if this person was deliberately trying to find my website. Since that is a highly unlikely scenario, I thought it through. I decided that they must have been seeking just exactly the sort of porno that I mention in my May 19 post. The search word “free” makes that a pretty good bet!
Dates of related posts – 5/22 and 5/19.

Anyway, thanks for visiting me even if it’s only by accident!

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