Twinkle, Twinkle Little Nose

Bewitched is being re-aired on TV Land. Unlike The Brady Bunch, Bewitched doesn’t need a laugh track. You know where the funny parts are, because they are actually funny. What a concept. I intend not to miss an episode.

But, I do have a couple of concerns regarding my favorite t.v. family.

One thing that bothers me about Bewitched is the unbridled alcohol consumption we see on the show. Darrin actually has a wet bar in his office at McMann & Tate. What employer would allow this today? Was this common practice in the ’60s?

Darrin has a couple of drinks in the middle of the day with a client. When he gets home, Samantha hands him a glass of booze. (We’re not talking about wine coolers here either. No, he’s drinking vodka martinis.) The Tates come over for dinner later. Guess what. They all have drinks.

Is Darrin completely hammered yet?

I wonder if Samantha is really just a regular girl, and Darrin hallucinates all of the hocus pocus. I mean, for all we know, he could keep his hookah next to his wet bar and his acid stash in his desk. The man has a problem besides the whole “witch issue”.

Which brings me to my second point, if I do have one, and I’m not sure I do. Why in the world would Darrin not want his wife to twitch her nose and make all of his dreams come true?

Pride maybe?

I understand pride being an issue. But, I have yet to meet a person whose greed doesn’t win out over his pride when these two sins are pitted against each other. That’s my take on it, but I’m only a mortal.

If you have any interest in the best Bewitched site on the web, check out Harpies Bizarre. The site has trivia, games and cy-ber paper dolls. It also has sound bytes which include all of kooky cousin Serena’s great songs.

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  • Debbie, I really enjoy your bits and pieces. I wish i had a way to print them out. I would keep them, and make a scrap book. You should.
    PS your right i think Darrin was an alcoholic and a idiot.

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