101 Things

1. I love to sing, especially with my daughter, Charlotte.

2. I am a vegetarian.

3. I am in love with my husband, Michael.

4. We have been friends for 19 years.

5. My girlhood dream of marriage never involved me walking down an aisle.

6. I wanted to get married in a hot air balloon.

7. Michael and I got married in a hot air balloon on Friday the 13th, 2000 over the desert in Las Vegas, Nevada.

8. I cry when I am really happy sometimes.

9. I cried at the Grand Canyon that week.

10. I cry at sad movies – even if they are really bad.

11. I am a sagittarius.

12. So is my daughter.

13. In Chinese astrology I am a fire horse.

14. My shoe size grew from an 8 1/2 to a 9 during my pregnancy.

15. I still wear a 9.

16. I could do logic problems all day if I were left alone.

17. I have a sister named Michelle that I don’t see as often as I’d like.

18. I love Opium perfume.

19. I gave all my various perfumes to Michelle when I got married, because Michael is allergic to them.

20. I like to smell scented candles.

21. I open shampoo bottles and sniff them in the store.

22. I have gotten shampoo in my nose this way.

23. Someone saw it.

24. I wanted to die, but I just laughed instead.

25. I like to drive barefoot.

26. I never want anyone to see me brushing my teeth.

27. I love to lie in Michael’s armpit; it makes me feel safe.

28. I used to strain dirt when I was little girl.

29. I didn’t like my mud pies to have rocks or leaves in them.

30. I am still a perfectionist to some degree.

31. I love Christmas even though I don’t believe any bible stories.

32. I believe in Santa Claus.

33. I have eaten spaghetti and ramen noodles and little else for six months, because I was broke.

34. Spaghetti is still my favorite food.

35. My favorite cake is German chocolate.

36. My favorite pie is Dutch apple with vanilla ice cream on it.

37. I am about twenty-five pounds overweight.

38. I hate brussels sprouts with a heated passion.

39. I vote mostly for Democrats and the occasional Libertarian.

40. I ignore or shut off any and all political ads I see.

41. I read as much as I can find about where politicians stand on issues that are important to me and then vote my conscience.

42. My conscience rarely gets elected.

43. I drink my coffee from a handled soup bowl.

44. I will only drink black coffee if I am freezing cold and there is no cream or sweet ‘n low to be found.

45. I love roller coasters.

46. I have bungee jumped.

47. The fall seemed over too fast.

48. I would like to sky dive.

49. I am scared of heights to some degree, but I imagine that falling a long way would be great.

50. To quote the Hulk, “When I really lose control, I like it.”

51. Michael took me to Hawaii when we were “dating”.

52. We saw a glass chapel on the beach in Oahu.

53. I would love to renew our vows there at sunrise some day.

54. I have peace in my life now.

55. I feel “at home” when I am at home.

56. When Charlotte makes fun of me, it cracks me up, because she is usually right on the money.

57. Michael and I like to do the Sunday Crossword puzzle in The Courier Journal together.

58. We work on it for a few minutes every night.

59. Sometimes we fill most of it in.

60. Most of the time we can’t.

61. Yellow roses are my favorite flower.

62. My second favorite is honey suckle.

63. I had a huge crush on Spiderman when I was little.

64. I also had a crush on Tony Orlando.

65. I miss my Grandmother.

66. Every day.

67. I still pray like a Catholic even though I’m agnostic.

68. Very detailed work is calming to me.

69. My mother named me after the first doll she bought me.

70. My dad was in Vietnam when I was born.

71. I love to write, and I
love to read.

72. My favorite authors are Stephen Crane, Douglas Adams, Mark Twain, David Sedaris, Amy Tan, Anne Rice, Alice Walker, Edgar Allen Poe and Toni Morrison.

73. My favorite songs (that are getting radio play right now) are “Unwell” by Matchbox Twenty and “The Remedy” by Jason Mraz.

74. My favorite songs of all time are too many to list.

75. One of them is “Ripple” by the Grateful Dead.

76. Another is “The Rainbow Connection” from The Muppet Movie.

77. I know all the lyrics to the M.A.S.H theme and will sing them without provocation.

78. Michael is my soul mate.

79. A few of my favorite movies are: Clerks, Amazon Women on the Moon,
The Outlaw Josey Wales, They Call Me Trinity, The Man With Two Brains,
and The Color Purple.

80. I love greasy food, but I’m trying to give it up.

81. When I was pregnant I got depressed a lot, but when my daughter would kick it always cheered me up.

82. I am really good at customer service jobs, because I’m friendly and have a “steady personality.”

83. I think what they mean by a “steady personality” is that I haven’t shot anyone – yet.

84. I do not like guns and would never have one in my home.

85. I drive a purple Honda Civic.

86. I have a Stitch doll set of pink fuzzy dice my daughter won at Cedar Point hanging from my rear view mirror (updated 12/14/06).

87. My car is cluttered with Charlotte’s toys and Michael’s used tissues.

88. I make Hot and Sour soup every Sunday.

89. My favorite ice cream is Breyer’s Heath Bar.

90. If I can’t find that, I settle for chocolate chip.

91. I sunburn easily.

92. I enjoy playing board games.

93. I never let Charlotte win.

94. She knows when she beats me that she really won.

95. She used to try to cheat.

96. Michael and I were on the chess team together in high school.

97. He beats me at chess 99% of the time, but when I do manage to win, I rub it in.

98. We like to take Charlotte to movies where women kick ass.

99. I am an INFP.

100. I want to be cremated when I die, but not before.

101. My maiden name is Debbie Spellman. If you know me, feel free to e-mail me.

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  • Call me kooky but I enjoy finding these “100 Things” lists and reading them. You seem really fun and caring. I’ll be back to read more another day. Later 🙂

  • I love reading your stuff. It seems like things I would write, if I wrote, only with different names. By the way, what method did you use to determine your “INFPedness”?
    Cheers, Kate

  • Debbie,

    Stumbled on your blog this morning. Love it! Wanna review some books by a kindred spirit? Would love to add you as a link on my site.
    Faith F.

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