Condom Sense

“When authorities warn you of the sinfulness of sex, there is a lesson to be learned. Don’t have sex with the authorities.” – Matt Groenig

I have a daughter and I don’t want President Bush to make her decisions about parenthood and contraception. Especially when his apparent view on the matter is abstinence. I’ve no doubt abstinence is easy for him, considering that no one will touch his little soldier even under direct orders.

But, I believe the reasonable thing to prescribe when the risk of HIV/AIDS is so prevalent is condom usage in conjunction with the pill.

Strange, but I always thought “the talk” would just involve my daughter and me. I mean, how could I know that the Republican party might have to sit in and make sure I don’t use certain words like “condom” or “abortion?”

Bush wants my daughter to abstain. Which, of course, is fine if she can do that. I had a difficult time with it as a teenager.

But, such is his morality. He would rather misinform my daughter and allow her to contract an STD or a fatal disease than have someone use the word “condom” in her presence.

Luckily, Bush wasn’t around when I was young. Also luckily, my mother had some sense. I told her when I became sexually active. She took me to a clinic without delay and got me on the pill. She didn’t just blindly say, “You shouldn’t have sex.” She knew that hormones can get the better of a young woman, and she didn’t want to risk my having to deal with an unwanted pregnancy.

I do have some mixed feelings on the abortion issue. I am not blind to either side of any issue.

Unlike certain Presidents, I still use my brain and my sex organs, and I believe as humans we should do our best to preserve life. I don’t know when consciousness starts in a fetus.

But, it seems the G.W. Bushes of the world think a human life starts as soon as the male ejaculates. That’s why he would like to ban the use of the morning after pill.

If I am ever raped, he would like me to either bear the child of a brutal criminal (Good stock?) or have an abortion months later. Does this make sense even to Pro-lifers? Do they want my only sensible choice to be an abortion later in my pregnancy?

Women had abortions before abortions became legal. They used coat hangers and bled to death. If abortion rights are removed, that will undoubtedly happen again. Scared little girls do crazy things, and when they have no birth control options but abstinence told to them, unplanned pregnancies will become a lot more common.

Another likelihood is that women will have babies they don’t want and possibly abuse them. I know you have heard and seen news stories about children who probably wished for death every day of their sad little lives. It is difficult sometimes to have patience with a child that you love and planned for. If we bring more unwanted children into this world, there will be more child abuse. More abandoned babies too.

Is this morality?

It was my choice to have my daughter, and she is loved.

My hope is she will have the same options available to her that I did when she becomes sexually active. Options like the pill. How long before it becomes illegal under King George’s new abstinence policies?

I hope that no one my daughter cares for ever gets HIV because they were misinformed that the only way to avoid STDs and HIV is to avoid sex altogether.

I remember being young, and I know that when you are young and in the heat of passion, it can be difficult to call up memories of what some dinosaur said about abstinence.

No matter how much we don’t want to think about it, our kids are going to have sex someday. We did. They will.

I ask you, do we want them misinformed or do we want them safe?

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