More Weird Searches

This post is a sequel to my 5/28 post. I feel the need to say thanks to all my readers who, while searching for porn and/or leg wax on the internet, have found my site and been frustrated.

I have underlined actual words or phrases people typed in to their search bar. Please note that I didn’t correct spelling or change the search words in any way.

optomotrist sex

Hmm. This seems like a fairly specific sort of porn. I wonder if this person was seeking to exclusively view Optometrists having sex with each other or if they might also be interested in seeing Optometrists having sex with Podiatrists or even Ophthalmologists. Also, I can’t imagine how, as a consumer, you could ever be certain that the people on the screen had licenses of any sort. For all you know, they could just be pretending to be licensed Optometrists when in reality they are high school drop outs in glasses. I fear this kind of masquerade could happen all the time and no one would be the wiser.

cannibalism porno pics

Well, there’s sick and then there’s sick, and then there’s this person. Sick doesn’t even begin to describe it. Good lord. If somebody can come up with a synonym for sick that even comes close to touching on this guy’s dementia, please let me know.

build fart

I guess I’ll go on the assumption that he was trying to build a “fort” and not a fart. If he’s trying to build a fart, he’s way over-thinking the whole matter.

how to make a small but scary rollercoaster out of junk found at home

First thing that comes to mind when I see this is, “Hey, man, it’s a keyword search not some sort of stream of consciousness writing assignment that your college professor gave you. More is less in this case.” Also, what the hell kind of roller-coaster could he build? I see he uses the word “small”, but how small a roller-coaster are we talking about here? If it’s tiny, why does it need to be scary? Does he have a hamster he’s pissed at?

Before I close, I have to mention I have now gotten twelve hits from people who were searching for “Veet” leg wax. That’s a whole jury’s worth of folks with hairy legs who may very well still be looking for those usage instructions.

Also, I’ve had seven more people hit my site seeking porn involving “bored housewives”. The porn’s still not here. But, your searches continue to amuse me…So thanks.

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  • That is so funny, I just woke up Steve and i had tears in my eyes from laughing , He ask if something was wrong. I told him he needed to read it for himself. Are you serious, a couple of those are kind of hard to believe. You have gave me the giggles this morning. Love you lots, MOm

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