I’m Such a Lousy Mother

I took a walk down memory lane today and got lost. Every time I start digging in my old memorabilia, I find it hard to tear myself away.

I save everything. Unfortunately, I rarely label anything. So, I have a lot of junk that must have once held some significance for me, and now I can’t begin to fathom why I saved it in the first place.

What is a pack rat to do? I had to get rid of a lot of it. It seemed like a drastic measure, but I really had no choice.

I also have lots of pictures Charlotte drew or things she wrote, and apparently never put a date or her age on any of it. So, as I was rummaging through this stuff, I was making a vain attempt to correctly date it all.

I’m making a very belated New Year’s resolution right here and now to put a date on everything my daughter hands me. When she’s a world famous artist I’d rather her not say to the press, “Yes, that is one of my finest works. Unfortunately, my mother is a loser and never dated it, so I can’t tell you when I painted it.”

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  • Good morning honey, i don’t work today so i am up drinking coffee at 7 in the morning. ( All alone am I)
    You shouldn’t be sooo hard on your self about not dateing anything Char gives you. I was looking thru your’s and Shells things i had kept over the years. The only thing that had a date was your birth certificate and its blurred. I am just kidding i really can’t even find your birth certificate. You would think i would have enought sense to keep all my inportant papers together. ( Maybe i do because i can’t find any of them ?)
    I enjoy reading your web page. I wish you would try to write children’s book’s. I just know if you did you would be impressed with your self.
    I love you i am looking forward to this evening. Love you, MOm

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