Ahoy, Matey.

Talk Like A Pirate Day is nigh. Abandon all hope ye who enter me website today for I am Iron Bess Rackham, the pirate. I hold no stock in calendars and the like.

I’ll not be waitin’ around fer some lilly livered land lubbers to give me permission to talk like the sea farin wench I be. The sea is in me blood. I have so much salt in me veins that the Morton Salt girl keeps trying to bottle me up. That bilge rat will soon be findin’ herself in Davy Jones’ Locker if she troubles the likes of me again.

If the sea calls to ye as well and ye have taken a liking to pillaging and the like, find yer pirate name here.

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  • Was today talk like a pirate day? because if it was i didn’t wear anything green?
    Hey honey, i just wanted to tell you, we wanted to thank you and Char for working the picnic. We ended up making over 250.00 profit. That means you guys handled 5000 dimes. We appreaciated your help.
    Michelle was saying she may be going to shakespear in the park. Would you and Michael be interested, that would be something you’ll could do together??
    Hope you guys are having a nice Sunday. LOVE you!!

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