Getting This Out of My System

Apparently, I have to write this down, so that I can finally stop saying it. The new Tomb Raider movie is all about Laura Croft protecting her “box” from the bad guys.

It seems to me that back in the good old days when young ladies wore chastity belts, they didn’t have to run around willy nilly in tight fitting clothes worrying that some bad guys were going to gain unwanted access to their goodies. Those were the days – good old medieval times when a person’s only worry was maybe bubonic plague or being stretched on the rack.

Anyway, I just had to use my Laura Croft innuendo somewhere. Thanks for letting me vent. I’ll sleep better tonight.

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  • Debbie, is that the new movie that i get to take Char. to see? That nobody else on earth wanted to see? Thought so.. love you MOM

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