I Miss the Ants

We seem to finally be rid of the ants. They must have just gotten bored with my cooking and moved away.

Unfortunately, they have been replaced by gnats. The gnats fly around my face and attempt to drink from my eyeballs. Why is that? I have a glass of water sitting right in front of me, but they seem to prefer eyeball juices.

I have squished a countless number of them on my monitor screen. I need to clean it. It’s covered in gnat guts. But, it doesn’t matter how many of them I kill – they just keep coming.

This post is a cry for help. If you see any ants that look unfamiliar to you and you suspect they are not from your area, please send them back home to me.

Tell them I’ll cook whatever they want. Tell them I’m sorry for trying to poison them. Let them know that I need them now more than ever to help me get rid of these eyeball eating gnats.

Geez, maybe this is a sign of some sort? Maybe next we’ll have locusts, or our filtered water will turn to blood. Who knows?

All I can think of right now is how much I want my ants back.

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  • Debbie, i have your ants! i noticed them just yesterday. Was there a million of them and were they always at your back porch door or if you had a sandwich did they seem to come closer? These are small and black. If you can id them you can have them back. Also i would try to wear eye protection while sitting at your computer if i was you ( And bugs were sucking my eye juices? ) love you mom

  • I’m not sure if those are my ants, Mom. Mine definitely like sandwiches, so that is hopeful. But, I can’t see my ants settling for just hanging around the porch. They like people too much. Mine would have tried to get in bed with you by now. I’ll come over and check out the ones you have. I’m still worried, though.

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