Happy Independence Day!

We just got back from watching a fireworks display on the belvedere. Charlotte got a big kick out of it. She oohed and aahed a lot. It wasn’t as crowded there as it is during Thunder Over Louisville, so we had the luxury of being able to sit on the bleachers.

There were a couple of horsedrawn carriages there, so we watched people to see who would step in the horse manure that was lying here and there on the street. A lot of folks in what appeared to be new shoes were breaking them in by stepping in dung.

I love to watch people. I love to see all the diversity in a large crowd. I think it’s hilarious when people step in manure.

Happy birthday USA! You are 227 years old, and you’re still beautiful.

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  • We were going to try to meet you down at the fireworks however, I was poisoned at the flea market so we didn’t make it. (due to the awful stomach cramps that you get when someone serves you spoiled meet) If you ate hot dogs, I would have to warn you not to at the fairgrounds. They look smell and taste normal but it’s a trick. Meat that comes out of a heated cooler is now off my list of eats forever.. I guess we will see you at the 50’s thing tonight. You know I already had a poodle skirt and oxford shoes in my wardrobe but i can’t seem to find them? I lose all my good clothing choices I guess.

  • Sorry you got sick. I hope you are well enough for tonight. I haven’t a clue what I can wear for that party. I have lots of stuff that looks 60’s, but nothing 50’s.

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