Still More Weird Searches

Yep, I’m out of ideas again. This will be the third time I’ve done this, so I’m making it a category. As before, the underlined words are the actual search words folks typed into their search bar only to end up here. I didn’t correct spelling in the searches etc.

fart porn

Do I even need to comment? Fart porn? Isn’t that just funny in it’s own right?

mountain dew and itching

Really? Itching from Mountain Dew consumption? Go to the doctor. You got a poisoned can or you are allergic to it. Mountain Dew will make you jittery and keep you up all night if you drink it late in the evening. It should not make you itch. Seriously, see a doctor when you get done scratching.

scott baio jeans

Surely these never existed, did they? I remember Farah Fawcett Jeans being an actual brand name at one point. Maybe Scott Baio Jeans are a real item. I don’t own any vintage Scott Baio wear. Sorry. I would sell it if I did.

ettiquette for mother visiting son w/live in girlfriend

I can be of help here. Ok, if you are the mom, there is one rule of etiquette that is clear. Do not call his live-in girlfriend a ho. If you are the live-in girlfriend and your boyfriend’s mom visits you, she should not call you a ho. I hope I have cleared up any confusion. I lived with my husband before we got married, and the fact that his mom never called me a ho made my relationship with her much more comfortable.

cannibalism porn

Someone doing this search has gotten to my site 5 different times. I’m hoping it’s just one sick bastard and not five different sick bastards. By the way, these five are in addition to the “cannibalism porno pics” search that I mentioned here.

I wrote a much better post than this for today, but ended up not publishing it due to the fact that it was based totally on an insane idea I had that was proven to be pure fantasy only after I wrote about it.

I may be going nuts for real, and I don’t want everyone to know just how far gone I am. I’ll just say here that it involved the insects in my driveway and The Blair Witch Project.

Anyway, apologies to anyone getting bored with the funny search word posts. I’ll try and do better from now on.

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  • sorry,
    i shouldn’t have disillusioned you….

    please note however, that Char was NOT wearing a foil thought protector when she arrived this morning.
    i have SOME cooth.

  • I love this category, its too funny. so i think ill hold on to your site for awile. Thanks for the laughs.

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