The War Is Not Over For Our Soldiers

Just letting you know that our troops who must remain in Iraq are in my heart and mind today. Morale is low there. Keep them in your prayers or send them some good energy. I can’t imagine how frightened and homesick they must feel.

Punishing them for speaking out about how much they want to come back home is the most fascist idea I’ve ever heard. But, right, I guess them talking about the civil unrest that continues in Iraq could be bad for Dubya’s reelection. So, they may be punished. Is that even constitutional or legal? They didn’t endanger themselves or national security. They said, “It’s bad here.”

But, everything is supposed to be hearts and flowers and dancing in the streets over there. Yeah, sure.

I’m sure it’s a fun job to police an area you just blew up. It has to dangerous and scary as hell. Anyway, I’m sending my love to them.


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