If the Shoe Fits…

Our power was out this afternoon. That will make the hundredth time this year. But, I won’t complain too much, since it inspired me to do something more productive than playing TextTwist.

I took the opportunity to clear out Charlotte’s closet of all the clothes that don’t fit her anymore. When something was iffy as to whether it still fit, I’d have her model it for me.

Her interpretation of whether something fit depended heavily on whether she liked it or not. For example, she tried on a pink skirt that she couldn’t even button up, and while attempting to hold it together at her waist, proclaimed, “Look, it fits.”

Yet, a pair of shorts in her exact size that she’s not crazy about supposedly don’t fit her anymore.

My little girl is becoming a teenager. She now officially considers herself too cool to wear anything I’ve picked out for her. This is probably a wise decision on her part.

So, whether you wear it or not can sometimes depend, not only on whether the shoe fits, but also on whether your mom picked it out.

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  • You know i don’t blame children for not wanting their parents to pick out their clothes. One of my worst childhood memories. My Mom took me to the beauty shop for a perament when i was 6. I already had red hair, by the time they were done i looked like i had also stuck my finger in an electric socket. She liked it so much, that is how my hair stayed until i was smart enought to beg. Since all the other kids at that time had long straight hair ( as i remember it) and i had 1,000 freckles on my face, i really stuck out, if thats what they were going for.
    I also remember a dress they picked out for me for a wedding. It was the BIGGEST dress you ever saw, i couldn’t sit down, it had probaly 80 yards of material in just the skirt, and a hoop slip. It has been at least 48 years ago, but some things you never forget.

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