Monopoly and Life – Two Different Games

In Monopoly if there is a bank error in your favor, you collect $200 dollars.

In real life if there is a bank error in your favor and you spend the money, you go directly to jail without passing go.

The sad part to me is this. If they screwed up his account, why is the bank not penalized in some way? No, he shouldn’t have spent the money. That was really dumb. It’s hilarious that the big goober thought he’d get away with spending it.

But, shouldn’t the bank be held accountable (no pun intended) in some way for their mistake? If they had shorted his account, they’d have maybe said they were sorry, but no one would have gone to jail. And why is that exactly?

It’s because they have the all important Get Out of Jail Free card that all big corporations seem to get at the start of the game.

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