*Arnold’s Butt 2004

I am a liberal. Yeah, I said it. Lib-er-al. I know that being liberal now translates to mean unpatriotic. If in order to say I love my country, I have to say I love George W. Bush too, I guess I’m unpatriotic. What a bummer. I never wanted to be unpatriotic. It just happened.

It sucks.

I can’t wave a flag with feeling and bravado here in my own country just because I think Bush is a power-mad fascist imperialist who wants to rule the world.

Anyway, since I am a liberal, I couldn’t support Arnold Schwarzenegger for governor even if I lived in California. (It’s ok. I’m fine with it. Don’t worry about me. I’ll probably get sucked into the mad rush to buy a flag any day now.)

So, since I couldn’t vote for Arnie because he’s a republican or Gary Coleman because he’s an idiot, I’d have to vote for someone who isn’t even famous.

But, if Arnold’s butt were running for governor, now that I could get behind. (I’m aware of the “butt running” implications, Beavis, so chill out.)

Most politicians either are asses or talk out of their asses anyway, so who better to vote for than an ass who can’t even pretend to be anything else?

It’s not as firm as it once was, but I would gladly support Arnold’s butt. With both hands, even.

*I swear this is my last semi-horny Schwarzenegger post. Just couldn’t help myself when I heard he was running for governor.

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  • He wont be getting my vote either as I don’t vote republican NOR do I like his butt. As a matter of fact, I was too busy trying to get my thermos of coffee open at the drive-inn to even notice his butt. So, with me Arnie it is a lose lose situation.

  • Don’t rule out Arnold just because he has a (R) after his name. He is sensible on abortion, gun control, and the environment. In fact, the support he gets from Democrats may help move California’s politics to the center by moving the Republican party to center-right.

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