I Wish I Was Surprised

I’d like to be one of the folks who thinks Bush had good motives in starting the second gulf war. Unfortunately, I never did think that. Therefore, this did not shock me in the least. It saddened me, but did not shock me.

By the way, read up on Ann Coulter’s new book here.

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  • Your link to Ann Coulter’s “new book” reminds me of a business trip I took several years ago to Los Angeles. My hotel was on the west side (near the airport) while my 4:00pm business appointment was way the heck on the east near Fullerton. Rather than fight rush hour traffic, I looked for something touristy nearby and found… the Richard M. Nixon Presidential Museum & Library in Yorba Linda.

    The place was fascinating with all the pictures and memorabilia from his career which I admittedly didn’t really know that much about except for the major points (“Checkers” speech, trip to China, and Watergate). As this a privately funded museum, it certainly took, shall we say, a “refreshing and unique interpretation of history” with mentions of Nixon’s strong support for civil rights and the space program. (cough) My favorite exhibit was the statues of various world leaders — seeing the life-size De Gaulle towering over the life size everyone else (especially Mao) was fascinating.

    Definitely worth a read is “Weapons of Mass Deception” (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/1585422762/cleanlivingcom). It’s far less hyperbolic than Ann Coulter, and has copious footnotes and cross references.

  • I wouldn’t lay hands on Ann Coulter’s book unless I was pretty damn sure someone else had STOLEN it for me.

  • I would be unlikely to read her books anytime soon because of the extreme vitriol… I’m interested in the Al Franken book, especially since it got Fox News riled up.

  • I would love to meet Al Franken. But, naturally, he’s not coming anywhere near here on his book tour.

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