You Sleep, I’ll Keep Watch

I’m excited about taking my daughter to the state fair tomorrow, or rather, in about ten hours. I’m also upset, as usual, over the sorry assed state of the nation. So, I can’t sleep.

I’ll probably be up all night reading other web-logs, alternately laughing and getting pissed off.

I just read a comment on another blog that referred to Rush Limbaugh as a “humorist”. I think the problem with that statement would lie in the fact that a humorist is supposed to be funny.

When a hateful butt monkey like that is referred to as a humorist, well, then it becomes my responsibility to stay up all night worrying about it.

Just posted this to let anyone else who is upset and can’t sleep to know that I’m up anyway, so it’s ok for you to go on to bed now. I’ll worry for you.

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  • The fact someone thinks he is a humorist made me laugh a bit.. He is funny looking but that’s about it. He’s a Machete mouthed monster. Evil Evil Evil..

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