Where Is Silent Bob?

We saw Freddy Vs. Jason, and although it failed to be entertaining overall, there was one character in it that interested me. He was very much like the Jay character in the Kevin Smith movies i.e. Clerks, Mallrats, Dogma. By the way, if you haven’t seen Clerks yet, go buy the dvd and watch it. I’ll wait…

So everyone has seen it now? Good.

Anyway, the one thing you don’t want to do when making a bad movie is to remind your audience of a good movie. Because, if you do, they will enjoy your sucky movie even less.

This was the case with Freddy Vs. Jason. I sat there wishing I was watching a Kevin Smith flick instead.

Also, the writers seemed to try way to hard to make the movie believable. It was painfully obvious in the dialogue that they were trying to rationalize why this would happen as opposed to that, which made the movie drag throughout.

The basis of these movies is pretty far fetched to begin with, so you could practically write yourself to death in an attempt to get your audience to suspend their disbelief.

For my part, I view a slasher flick with a completely different set of expectations than I have when viewing a drama. I knew going into Freddy Vs. Jason that two undead mass murderers who can’t be permanently destroyed would fight it out. Do I really need to believe that to enjoy the movie? I should hope not.

So, instead of trying to make me believe that the plot was feasible, which, of course, it wasn’t, they should have just shown me a good time, which, as you know, they didn’t.

Oh, and if you put a Jay character in a movie, you have to include Silent Bob too, because, if you don’t, your movie is going to suck.

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  • I am SO with you on the Jay and Silent Bob. If I go to see Freddy and Jason, I’ll bring along my little TV and watch Clerks in the theater.

  • Good idea. That should save you some disappointment. 🙂

  • I was looking forward to seeing Freddy vs. Jason. Really. Not that it looked amazing or anything, but the concept seemed cool. And the trailers even made me laugh out loud, though I’m sure that wasn’t the intention.

    Anyway, did you happen to notice Kevin Smith in ‘Daredevil’ as the forensic assistant? And with no Jay anywhere to be found..

  • Yeah, I spotted him. 🙂 Silent Bob is ALWAYS cool even without Jay.

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