Ode to Joy

I found my glasses, not only in the last place I looked, but coincidentally in exactly the same place I had looked a dozen times previously.

I was contemplating removing the engine from my car so that I could search underneath when I put my hand in the space under my radio one last time with no real hope that they’d actually be there. As it turns out, they were there all along.

Who’d have thunk it? Yeah, that’s right, me – at thirteen different times. Does anyone else feel like the universe plays tricks on them?

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  • What you perceive as the universe playing tricks is simply the intersection/overlap of different dimensions of the multiverse. We are in the process of moving to a higher dimensional level. The early stages of this shift will result in experience of parallel/overlapping universes and with shifts of consciousness and even material shifts.

    So if you shift from the perspective of the universe playing tricks on you to the perspective of becoming aware of the higher/overlapping dimensions of which we are not yet aware, you may find yourself ascending into higher dimensional states

    In other words, if you think the universe is playing tricks on you, then try playing back.

  • If I weren’t high on my migraine medicine, I could offer you a better response, but I am in fact floating above my own head right now.

    So, all I can say to that is that I was just reading something along those same lines in The Salmon of Doubt, which is, as you may know, a compilation of works written by Douglas Adams that were published posthumously.

    What an interesting coincidence it happens to be that you bring up the topic, and I wish I was able to provide you with a more philosophical response without embarassing myself.

  • here is a post on another link about this subject:

    (the weblog is about a supposed time traveler who is stuck in our time and is trying to obtain materials to teletransport back to the future)


    This communication is to inform your dimension that the entity known to you as Bob White has been returned to his proper place and time. As all of us 5th dimensional space know, time travel as you know it does not exist as we have constant awareness of all points in time and can experience them just by shift our awareness. Just as you experience a three dimensional world by moving along the 3rd dimension of your space, we experience time by moving along the 4th dimension of our 5th dimensional space.

    Mr White made the error of tuning in to the 3rd dimension and losing conscious awareness of the 5th dimension and thus lost the ability to move freely along fourth dimensional space. In other words, he manifested in the lower dimensions and got stuck in the same hellthat all of you are trying to extricate yourselves from. The hell of the limits of the physical world, unable to excape, using denial, fantasy, drugs, alcohol, extreme sports, war, terrorism, and sex in a desperate attempt to transend the box you live in.

    Mr White has been rescued and his soul sent off to Rigel for remedial training.

    Best wishes in your ongoing pursuits of the sacred and profane. A hint to the wise, the higher dimension is somewhere around the intersection/overlap where the dualities of your dimension curve around and meet. IYKWIM

    Posted by: todios at August 19, 2003 12:50 PM

  • btw, what is up with the black-on-black text and background of this comment section?

    perhaps it is contributing to your migraines

  • Sorry about the comments section. I don’t see it that way from here. It looks like white on black to me. Will ask hubby to check it out as I am useless in this area.

    I read Sean’s site daily, so I’m familiar with the inter-dimensional scam.

    I’m open to the fact that there is more to be seen than meets the naked eye and yet, thankfully, not gullible enough to believe that warp generator nonsense.

    Actually, I find it easy to believe in alternate universes existing or in alternate realities, but time travel is more difficult to accept in that the concept of time is in and of itself very subjective.

  • I think the concept of time travel is a paradoxical concept that arises out of our limited understanding of space, time and dimension. From our current conciousness, we perceive time as linear then imagine traveling back and forth along the line. Perhaps this is a misunderstanding of time. Perhaps we are just are glimpsing part of a bigger picture and time actually an aspect of something bigger that we can not yet perceive.
    How does one describe or explain a higher dimension with lower dimensional concepts. People in a 2 dimensional worl would perceive only points, lines and planes. How would you explain the 3rd dimension? How do you decribe a cube to a world of only lines and planes?

    I beleive time is like that, and if we keep stretching and allowing our consciousness to shift and allow ourselves no not be limited by our imaginations and begin to see that which we cannot imagine….then may understand more and see how silly the concept of time travel is.

    Perhaps it is like the pre-Copernican concept of the solar system. To them it looked like planets were moving backwards at times.

    One concept is that all is occuring at once. There is no time, we just perceive it as such. In which case we cannot maniplate time as we know it because time is *not* as we know it. No technology or machine can manipulate a perceived reality when that perception is false.

    I hope I havent exacerbated your migraine.

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