Please Not Another Post with Weird Searches

The actual search words are underlined.

my first rectal exam

First there was the best selling book My First Visit to the Doctor, then there was My First Visit to the Zoo, and now finally you can buy the beautifully illustrated My First Rectal Exam in the hardbound edition. Not for the squeamish.

free pics of skin rashes

Each to his own, I always say.

mad eyelash curler

Run away. Run away. It’s mad, I tell you. Completely insane!

veet tofu

I don’t know how you cook, but in my kitchen Veet hair remover and tofu will never meet.

Freddy Kroger

Nine people have done this search now. While this is obviously a misspelling of Krueger, it’s funny to me, because Freddy Kroger is real. He doesn’t come to you in nightmares, but he will call your mother-in-law and creep you out. Sean started the “Freddy Kroger” joke in the comments section of that post.

That’s all I’ve got.

My counter has been removed as it was completely bumming me out. I was checking it in an obsessive-compulsive manner. I had to be stopped. Michael talked me down from my proverbial ledge.

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