Spammy Goodness

Someone with a small penis is sending spam to my comments section. I can only assume he has the penile equivalent of a vienna sausage, since he has become an evangelist for a penis enlarger. (Clicking the link for the spam took me to a penis enhancement site.)

I’d like to take a moment to assure the spammer that, although his need may be great in this area, quite a lot of men go their whole lives without ever requiring a penis enlarger. The more you know. *rainbow*

Apparently, mine is not the only web-log getting this kind of unwanted attention from the penally-challenged. This person got exactly the same spam.

I deleted the “comment” from my August 15th entry. It showed up on the same post the next day, and I deleted it again.

The hubby says that he can block the spammer’s ip address. Unfortunately, by deleting the comment I deleted the ip address attached to it.


Nothing to do now but make some scrambled eggs. They go well with spam.

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