Wild Kingdom

The hubby commenting on how bad our lawn looks: “There was a tiger in the front yard hunting some gazelles. He almost made it into the garage before I could close the door.”

Ok, I’ll mow the lawn.

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  • I too, once had a tiger in our yard that prevented me from mowing the lawn. I tried shoo shooing him away, I tried chasing him with the weed eater, I even tried spraying him with our garden hose…but nope, he wouldn’t budge and inch, finally he got pissed-off after I let my two, 1 and 2 year old kids go outside and play with his tail and ears, he tried to bite one of them, but one of my sons put a wiffle ball bat in his mouth. finally he left ( actually I think he just went to the neighbors yard across the street and started gnawing on their family vans tire) and I could mow the lawn. But by that time it was late so I decided to do it the next day.

  • We’ve had rain here for the past few days which has served me very well as an excuse for not doing my yardwork. But, the lions and tigers and bears that are crouching in the unmowed grass are a nuisance at times. 🙂

  • I wish we could get some rain here!!!

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