Damn It Feels Good to Be a Gangsta

I’m sitting here at my computer chair, holding my chest like Fred Sanford. Elizabeth, I’m coming, honey! This is the big one.

My site just got reviewed, and I’m celebrating by having a coronary.

Strange coincidence. I asked one of the reviewers there just today who I’d have to sleep with to speed up the process of getting a review. Sure enough, almost as soon as I posted the question on Ren’s site, my site had suddenly been reviewed. So, now I’m left to wonder if I owe this Brent guy oral sex.

The review is very generous, which makes me lean toward thinking maybe I do.


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  • I finally got my site in the que to be reviewed, but who knows how long it will take before they will get to mine… I’m number 39 out of 40.

  • YOU ROCK DEB!!!!

  • Wow I am impressed. I knew I enjoyed your site, Good job. Keep on writing.

  • Aw, Mom. You’re biased. 🙂

  • I also love your stories. You should be making money at this. Something you love to do and making money at the same time can’t be bad.

    Write that book Deb, just do it. The MOM’s in your life will be in line for the first one.
    Love Ya!!!

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