Breaking Ties

My head just exploded. I am so sick of dealing with these idiots that I am having a Tasmanian Devil moment here.

Taking deep cleansing breaths isn’t helping. I’ll hyperventilate long before I calm down.

I can’t even bring myself to tell you the story, my friends. The road is so long and fraught with stupidity that I wouldn’t want you to have to suffer along on the journey.

Clears throat importantly, and reads from an official looking scroll with a regal wax mark on it:

I do hereby revoke any and all affiliation to Insight Communications, any and all of their known subsidiaries, their progeny, their relatives no matter how distant, and anyone who has even so much as smiled at any of them on the bus.

This proclamation goes into effect as soon as I find out for sure that we can get DSL in our neighborhood. So it is written so let it be done.

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  • Thanks for linking to me!

    Once I’ve finally decided on my template I’m going to set up links.

  • so switching our phone, cable and pc to insight isn’t a great idea I take it? We were thinking about calling them this week? Good luck with the DSL however my friends at work swear it is slower then cable?

  • I’ll squash ’em for ya if ya want. Just say the word. Of course, I’ll wait until your DSL is hooked up. I’m thoughtful like that.

  • Thanks, Jules. Glad you got my back on this one. 🙂

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