The Clown Car Experience

My daughter slept in bed with me and the hubby last night. There was a legitimate reason for this. She is fine. But, she was in a car accident yesterday, so we wanted to wake her periodically and make her prove to us she was ok.

Tonight we will still be waking her up to check on her, but we are not all going to crowd into the same bed. We’ve learned our lesson.

This effectively eliminates our plans for joining any large groups that stuff themselves into small vehicles or phone booths.

Oh, what the hell. Never say never. Send us an invite if you have already made plans to squeeze 50 people into a phone booth. We might just take you up on it. It couldn’t be a lot worse than last night, and what better way to make new friends?

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  • You can not mention car wreck and not give details. Is everyone OK and were you involved?

  • Scott was driving Charlotte to school, and they were involved in a four car pile up. Charlotte is absolutely fine and so is Scott. I’ll tell you everything when I see you. 🙂

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