While giving the house a good cleaning today, I noticed my weight bench had acquired a thick layer of dust. This made me feel a little bad that I haven’t exercised in such a long time. I decided I should never let this happen again. It’s just too depressing for me to allow the weight bench to sit there all dusty and neglected.

So, I made a promise to myself to start dusting that bench every single day. That’s how committed I am! I may even go all out and put a vase on it containing some brightly colored flowers to further brighten it up.

You may be thinking something like, “Sure she says she’ll dust the bench, but then something will come up, she’ll get out of her routine, and then it’s back to a dusty bench again.”

Well, only time will tell. But, I assure you, I’m going to give this my best effort.

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  • hey I think I will try that too.. Hanging clothes on it doesn’t seem like as much of a workout.

  • Honey, you be careful when you are dusting that bench. Make sure you do some warm up dusting, or maybe vacum the room the bench is in, and then go from there. Don’t get too carried away. There is a lot to be said for laying on your ass to see how big it can possibly get. I know I’m impressed with mine, I guess you never know your true potential, until you reach 400 pounds. You hang in there, girl.

  • At last, we reach the part of the infomercial that none of us saw… I know, I once had a Nordic Trac (and, a separate time, a weight bench), and I calculated my per-dusting cost to be on the order of $5 each. I finally sold it to someone else with the gleam in their eye. (No, they wouldn’t listen to Reason.)

  • Picking up a second language (where should we vacation)?
    Debbie’s dust story reminded me of my experience in learning another language, where my pile of how-to-speak books is much like her weight bench — thickly covered with dust and good intentions. But we’re going to force the issue. Next year I’m taking …

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