Misty Watercolored Memories*

I don’t have too many memories of my childhood. My sister will mention things that supposedly happened when we were kids, and I’ll usually pretend to remember after she throws out enough details that I begin to feel humiliated at having absolutely no recollection of anything she is talking about. In fact, I can never be quite sure that she doesn’t make up these stories about our past just to mess with my head.

I can still call to mind a fairly vivid account of the day my mother, father and younger sister were all replaced by pod people who look just like them. I wouldn’t remember that either except that we all had such a great time bowling that day, and I got a strike. But, silly me for boring you with that. Who doesn’t remember his/her first bowling trip with a new pod family?

Anyway, what I’m getting at here is that, while I don’t remember much about my childhood, I can recall in great detail quite a few episodes of Ultraman. I’m assuming that’s because Ultraman was so much cooler than my whole family put together. None of them could do any of the neat stuff he could do. If they could, the pod people wouldn’t have had such an easy time disposing of them, now would they?

Here are some Haiku poems I’ve written for Ultraman:

Haiku #1

Your helmet silver
Your suit is red but looks gray
No color tv.

Haiku #2:

You always fly away
After you save the day Yay!
What a cool spaceman.

Haiku #3:

Giant lobster invades
His name is Baltan Seijin
You kick his ass good.

Haiku #4:

Power Rangers suck
So do Transformers ha ha
None compare to you.

Does anyone else remember Ultraman? Just curious.

*of television and not much else.

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