Dress You Up

We went Halloween costume shopping today. I believe the best costumes are usually of the home-made variety, but we were looking around anyway.

While we were in the costume shop, I noticed adult-sized Raggedy Ann and Andy costumes. This got me to thinking about the things we do for love. Obviously, if a man is wearing an Andy costume, his significant other wanted to dress as Raggedy Ann, and she somehow convinced him to be Andy so that their costumes matched.

Ladies, if your guy will dress up as a rag doll for you, it means one of three things:

1. He really loves you. We’re talking about that “Burning Love” Elvis sang about. Nothing to sniff at here. This is the real thing, baby.

2. He cheated on you, you found out, and now he’s trying to make up. Consider forgiving him. He’s wearing red yarn on his head. He’s sorry. Next to shooting himself outright, this is the best thing he could do to show you just how far he’s willing to go to make you trust him again.

Then again, the more I think about this scenario, the madder I get at your man for philandering. So, now I’m thinking you should break up with him. But, do it after the costume party, and be sure to take lots of pictures of him in that outfit. You’ll want to remember him that way.

3. You promised to do something pretty damn kinky in return for his compliance. I don’t know what it is you offered to do, but it must be some hot stuff, you naughty little Raggedy Ann, you. Also, he really loves you. Come on, he knew you’d end up doing the kinky thing anyway. He’s wearing those striped socks, because he loves you. I’m hearing Celine Dion in my head again. Hate that! But, your man wearing the Andy costume reminds me that our hearts will go on.

I gotta go. I’m getting choked up.

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  • loved the post mommy.

  • Not in a box.
    Not with a fox.
    Not in a house.
    Not with a mouse.

  • Would me asking him to go as one of the Hardy Brothers while I’m going as Nancy Drew obligate me for the kinky stuff?

  • I think you should be fine there. But, that sounds like a good costume choice. 🙂

  • Kyle is standing there with a Chewbacca mask on.
    Stan walks up.
    Kyle: Ha ha, you look like a pansy.
    Stan: Shut up Kyle!
    Kyle: Whatta, what are you supposed to be?
    Stan: I’m Raggedy Andy.
    Kyle: Hehe, why the hell did you dress up like Raggedy Andy dude?
    Stan: Wendy’s going as Raggedy Ann, and she said this way we’d win the costume contest for sure.
    Kyle: No way dude. I’m gonna win the costume contest with this sweet Chewbacca costume.
    Stan: Wendy said that first prize is two tons of candy.

    Stan: Wendy?
    Wendy: Hi Stan.
    Stan: You said we were going to be Raggedy Ann and Andy, remember?
    Wendy: Yeahhh?
    Stan: We were going to enter the costume contest as a pair.
    Wendy: I know, but then, I guess I just realised how stupid we would look.
    Stan: You what?!?
    Wendy: I thought you would reach the same conclusion, so, I came as Chewbacca.
    Stan bangs his head against a desk

  • I’m slow today, Sean. It took me a few minutes after I read that to realize you were quoting a Southpark episode. Then it slowly sunk it that the names looked familiar. DOH! It cracked me up, though.

  • for number 2 … it would also work if the woman convinced him to show up as Andy, told him she was coming as Ann and then didn’t. She could show up in some hot, sexy costume. He’d look like a doofus. What do you think?

  • Sure. I’d like to be able to think of something even more stupid to dress him up as, but I can’t. Maybe, just maybe, we’ve hit upon the dumbest costume in the world?

    I’ll open this up for voting. If anyone can think of a dumber costume, post your choice here.

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