Pair of Tens

There is a level of poker playing that I will never be able to reach, and I’m ok with that. Poker becomes a Zen thing at a certain point. The cards no longer matter. The other guy either is bluffing you or he isn’t, but it doesn’t matter either way, because you have become one with the game itself.

In most of the pro poker games I’ve witnessed, the winner just went all Matrix on the other players and showed a total disregard for the so called “rules” of poker. I’m not even talking about the ability to bluff here. I’m talking about the ability to put your faith in a pair of tens, and make that pair of tens unbeatable in your own mind. There is no need to try to bend the cards with your mind, because you know THERE ARE NO CARDS.

I was watching a poker tournament on tv with my grandfather today. What inspired this post was a guy winning a $90,000 pot by betting on a pair of tens in a five card game.

I tend to fold with a hand like that. But, then again, I could never bend a spoon by willpower alone. So, there you have it.

(By the way, Uncle Willy will have my full support should he be invited to play celebrity poker. Not financial support, of course, but I’ll wish him the best. How will that benefit Wil in any way whatsoever? It won’t. My mojo is not so great, or I wouldn’t have to fold with a pair of tens. Oh, well.)

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