Military Supporters

I find it hilarious that so many warblogger types actually call themselves “military supporters.” Last I heard, that is a jockstrap.

Apparently, I’m not the only person who feels this way. Read this guy’s insightful post entitled “More Thoughts on Winning at All Costs.”

Speaking of winning at all costs, have you heard about this incident of compassionate conservatism?

George W. Bush’s concern for our dead military men and women doesn’t extend so far as to honor them with the traditional homecoming ceremonies to which they are entitled. Dead soldiers are bad PR.

Sorry if this bummed anyone out. I’ll try to be funny later tonight, or maybe tomorrow. I’m sure someone else’s blog is funny today.

Oh, hell, anyone know any good dirty jokes to lighten my mood? I’ll even settle for clean jokes. Whatever ya got.

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  • Wanna hear a dirty joke?

    Joey jumped in the mud.

    Wanna hear a clean joke?

    Joey took a bath with Bubbles.

    Wanna hear another dirty joke?

    Bubbles was his babysitter.

    Ha. I kill me. 🙂

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