Girl Interrupted

My pledge to you the reader:

I, your humble blogger, do solemnly swear upon my favorite sweater* to hereby more carefully proofread everything I post on this site from this day onward.

I’m so stupid. I should be made to wear a scarlet letter on my chest. Not the usual “A” for adulterer (or apple), but a big “D” for dumbass. When I’m done wearing the letter, I’ll probably make with the self flagellation for a few years, or until someone discovers the bloody scourge in my closet, whichever comes first. I’ll be sure to keep you updated on how that turns out for me.

“Whatever is that woman rambling on about?” you may ask.

Well, I just found and corrected an error in my Stumbly post where I actually managed to use the same damn phrase in two sentences back to back.

This was a shameful discovery, of course. But, it has taught me a critical lesson.

Giving your work an uninterrupted proofreading is not a luxury but a necessity. Sometimes, as a writer, you’ll have to make a choice between checking your work for errors and making dinner. When the time comes for you to make that choice, you should make it unflinchingly and then have the fortitude to stick to your guns. If you try to do both tasks at once, you may burn your dinner rolls and leave an otherwise obvious mistake in your blog.

By the way, when I used the word “you” in my last paragraph, I really meant me. The real you may very well be able to make dinner and proofread at the same time. The you that is me apparently cannot.


Could it be that multitasking is only for people who can do two things at once?

*May it fall apart in the washer if I’m lying.

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  • That choice between editing and dinner has sent my family to bed hungry more times than I’d like to admit. Don’t beat yourself up too hard though. You can beat me up if you’d like instead.

  • things aren’t helped if you use blogger’s spollchecker which doesn’t know words like cappachino, corgette, and you end up sounding even more illterate after using the dammned thing.

  • I did not see the error, but hopefully people take from the heart of your message and aren’t looking at a simple error. If someone is critical about that, there is a bigger problem.

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