Nostradamus and Me

I dreamed the other night of making bologna sandwiches. You’d think an oracle of my station would have much more interesting dreams. But, sadly, no. Just the sandwich thing, and a leaky roof dream.

But, it occurs to me, maybe these dreams aren’t supposed to mean anything to me personally. Maybe I’m like Nostradamus, and sometime in the next thousand years or so someone else will make a sandwich or have a leaky roof. Then, of course, I’ll get credit for predicting it all.


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  • Now, see, the Magic 8-Ball couldn’t have predicted the bologna sandwiches and leaky roofs. So you’re a better Oracle than the one(s) from The Matrix series.

  • my mom had a dream once that she was setting up a book-signing booth at one of my concerts (?). combined with your story here, i think it’s safe to say that “follow your dreams” is advice that should be taken with care.

  • Or maybe the sandwich is indicative of your life and the leaky roof is the world around you. What was on the sandwich other than bologna? This may be the key to your psyche. Either that or I’m hungry.

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