Wake Up, Honey, the Movie’s Over

The Cat in the Hat was so boring that I almost wish I had stayed home and done housework instead. My husband actually fell asleep about mid-way through. I stayed awake and waited for the good part. It never came.

Charlotte said it was “just ok.” She’s nine.

So, for the record, our collective review consists of two yawns and a blah.

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  • is there an exchange rate between yawns and thumbs?

  • When a nine-year-old says “just ok” I don’t need to hear any other reviews to make my opinion. Tell her thanks for saving me some cash.

  • EXTREME CLOSEUP! Oh, wait, wrong movie…

  • after just seeing the abomination that was the grinch with jim carrey i am staying away from any hollywood adapatation of seuss material!

  • I had no idea they had made the book into a movie until about a month ago. Hmm? Oh yes. Yes, I do live under a rock actually. It’s okay if only you don’t mind the bugs.

    Anyway. Not once was I even the tiniest bit interested in watching the movie. Your review just insured that I don’t foolishly change my mind. Thanks!

  • i was actually gonna go c the movie, i probably still will cuz my friends loved it and i think that eight people saying it was great beats three ppl saying it wasnt. o, sry u didnt enjoy the movie!!!!!!

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