Christmas Decor

I’m agnostic, but I love Christmas. I’m all about duality. Sue me if ya gotta. Anyway, I always decorate the house to the nth degree on the first of December.

Today my decor will go from “simple modern” to “tacky maximus” in one hour flat.

So, why are Christmas decorations so gaudy? The only answer I can come up with is this:

Jesus loved his bling bling.

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  • *pepsi shooting out of the nose laughter*

  • I just finished making some pentacle ornaments to hang on the Christmas…errr…solstice tree. We’re all Earthie Crunchie Dirty Pagans and stuff, but we love the holidays!

  • You’ve got one on me there. I’ve been a member of or strongly considered these religions, not necessarily in order:

    Cathlocism – You’re born Catholic. Like it or not.

    Buddism – Love the ideas, but the ritual and practice turned me off a bit. Still, I consider it to be the religion that comes closest to my ideology.

    Christianity – Lots of good Christians. I’m not one of ’em. I’d have to write a novel to explain my thoughts and feelings on that.

    Mormonism – Told them good-bye when they told me heaven is segregated. Seriously…How scary is that?

    Ba Hai’ – Very short stint with them. The people just annoyed me to be honest.

    That’s all of ’em. I’ve probably offended just about everyone here. I still love you all. You just won’t see me at church. I’ll wave from the street, ok?

  • bling bling for the king king?

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