I had a bad day yesterday. You may have noticed I didn’t blog. Well, that’s ’cause I was keeping myself so busy – what with all the praying for merciful death I was doing.

I woke up with a full-blown migraine. I was aware of the headache in my sleep, and I actually dreamed I got out of bed and took an Imitrex. I guess I hate myself deep down. Why else would my subconscious trick me into oversleeping like that?

So, when I finally woke up and really took a pill, it was too late. Migraine sufferers know what I mean. If you are taking the pill late, you might as well just throw it in the toilet. That’s where it’s going – and fast.

I took my pill anyway. Just for giggles. Then I attempted to do normal things like watch a movie or surf the internet. But, those things involve light, color and/or noise and they inspired the pain to new levels. So, of course, I threw up my Imitex and my morning coffee, took another Imitrex, drank water and went back to bed until 2 p.m.

After that I was well enough to let my wonderful husband take me to dinner, but I did very little else. Although the headache was mostly gone, it threatened to come back if I aggravated it.

So, for most of the day, I sat very quietly and did very little so as not to antagonize it into kicking my ass again.

Long story short, I hate my head. It’s big and mean and causes me great pain.

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  • I know The Headache you’re referring to and have had the same dilemma about taking the pill. The problem is not so much doubts that ibuprofin would work (it probably doesn’t do any better than the water with it) but rather the required movement of my head to swallow the thing.

    Glad you’re feeling better & happy birthday.

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