I’m getting the flu or something equally fun. But, I gotta suck it up, be a trooper and get out there and shop today. Wish me luck that the wolves don’t smell weakness on me.

At least I have cough drops. Cough drops are my friends. They’ll get me through this day.

Hey, wait a minute, do cough drops make great Christmas gifts?



In that case, I still hafta leave the house.

I’m gonna die.

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  • if you wrap them festively enough, cough drops make perfectly acceptable gifts. Especially the cherry ones.

  • Tell them all you are getting them Hogmanay presents for evening of 31st and get thee to bed! Hope you feel better soon.



  • I agree! My Dad always gets Halls cough drops and Dentyne Ice gum as stocking stuffers. 🙂 And get better…bored and busy is better than bored and sick.

  • If my kids are any indications of future fashion trends, cough drops make *excellent* stocking stuffers. I would imagine unused ones would be even more popular.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  • You know if your shopping for me i like the honey favored Halls. Merry cough, cough, sneeze, blow christmas! I went and washed my hands after reading your e-mail (you can’t be too careful)

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