Things That Go Bump…

Our dog is learning to do that Russian Dance. You know the one. That dance where they link arms and kick. Not to be confused with that dance they do in Las Vegas where they link arms and kick. The primary difference between the two dances is the number of titties you can see on stage during the performances. Also, the Russian dance looks like it would be hard on the knees, and the Las Vegas Dance looks like it causes hard ons. But, I digress.

Anyway, you know the dance. And our dog Max must be learning it. I can’t imagine how else a small animal like him could create such a disturbance in the middle of the night.

He’s either learning the Russian dance or he’s taken to bungee jumping from our bookshelves.

In any case, he scared the hell out of me last night. I heard a loud thump, and I thought Charlotte had fallen out of bed. So, I went rushing into her room only to find she was still sound asleep.

Then I saw Max standing at the bottom of the stairs. Maybe he had been swinging from the railing and fell off. Who knows. All I know is that a 25 lb. dog managed to make a 75 lb. thud.

This is not an isolated incident, or it wouldn’t have inspired a post. Our dog is leading a secret life while we’re asleep, and he’s doing it way too noisily for it to be much of a secret. I regularly hear clatters, thumps, bangs and rattles while I’m lying in bed.

Is he building something???

If so, what?

The point I’m trying to make here is that I can’t be sure exactly what he does while we’re sleeping (or trying to sleep), but I’ve no doubt we should be getting it all on tape.

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  • maybe he’s building himself a dog house a la snoopy?

    either that or a drug lab. hard to say.

  • Don’t be mean (from Max’s grandmother)If you were old, blind and deaf you may be running into things at night too. He is lonely, looking for someone. Now that is sad!!

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