Mr. President, Is It True That You Had Corn For Dinner Last Night?

Due to my continued interest my country going to hell in a hand-basket and due to my motherly instinct to prevent said hand-basket from reaching its destination in my child’s lifetime, I subscribe via e-mail to a lot of progressive newsletters.

Today will mark the beginning of the end of most of those newsletters reaching my in-box.

Dear Well-Intentioned People Who Send Me Spam:

For the sake of your cause being taken seriously, please learn to pick and choose between what is an important issue, and what is of a lower priority.

I’m very sorry to inform you that if I have THREE e-mails from your group during the course of one day, I consider them to be spam and they are far more likely to get deleted before they get read than if, say, for instance, I had only ONE e-mail from your organization during that same day. You see what I’m getting at?

Stop crying, “Wolf!” Yeah there’s a real wolf skulking around the rose garden, but he’s doing the same stuff he was doing yesterday. Tell me when he gets another sheep, not when he licks his privates.

George W. Bush does a lot of bad, and I appreciate you letting me know about all of it in detail. But, let’s face it, the man plays golf.

So, when he’s taking a short break from evil on the golf course, maybe you could take a short break from hitting that SEND button over and over and over.

I do not need to know every time someone in either political party takes a larger than usual dump in the morning and your spin on said dump.

Therefore, you beotches need to take me off your spam list. Don’t worry, I’ll continue to be progressive on my own, but I am SO breaking it off with you.


P.S. – I’d like to lighten the blow for you by saying, “It’s not you, it’s me.” But, it IS you.

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