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I’m very disappointed in a certain husband of mine. I’ll call him “Husband X” so that he can retain his anonymity.

But, you should know a wedge has come up in my marriage, and I need your support now more than ever. I can’t let you know which side of the debate I’m on at the moment. Just keep in mind that I’m crossing my fingers that you’re with me and not him.

I’m asking this one time only:

Spider-Man or Batman?

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  • despite some recent bad experiences with batman, i have to go with him. in no small part because of this exchange from the simpsons:

    marge: homer, i think there’s someone here who can help you.

    homer (on the speeding-out-of-control monorail): is it batman?

    marge: no, it’s a scientist.

    homer: batman is a scientist.

    marge: it’s not batman!

  • Batman. You gave it away in your pervert post. 😉

  • I’m a Spiderman fan. I find his witt irresistable. But, I understand how my pervert post misled you, Sean.

    Sorry. 🙁

    Since Spiderman had no side-kick it would have been hard to use him in my analogy. I actually love both Spiderman and Batman, but if I gotta pick just one, I’ll take Spidey every time.

    The reason this whole thing started was that Michael loves to talk about how much better Batman is (smarter etc.) and I have to defend my favorite webslinger to the best of my ability.

    But, it seems he’s lost my on-line poll. I should’ve cheated. 😀

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