Although I’m a vegetarian, I rarely eat salads. I owe this fact at least in part to the word “roughage” being used by health nuts to describe any and all raw vegetables.

Maybe it’s just me, but the absolute last thing I want to think about when I put food into my mouth is how expediently it will come out at my other end.

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  • > the absolute last thing I want to think about…

    I felt the same way until my mid 30s. Now I seek out foods with more soluble fibre (ahem).

    How long have you been a vegetarian? What’s your favorite meal?

  • I’ve been a vegetarian for about five years now.

    I like and eat too much greasy food. Pizza, fries, bean burritos etc. Vegetarian junk food mostly. But, I have aquired a taste for tofu when it’s done right, and I love any kind of stir fry.

    So, basically, rather than answering your question I gave you my shopping list. Sorry. I love food. 😀

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