Sign, Sign. Everywhere a Sign…

Think of the rudest possible way you could pronounce the name of this restaurant, and that’s what we call it. Another fun fact about about “F*ck It Thai” is that they make the hottest soup known to man. Michael adored it. I choked on it and wept openly after taking only a bite. All hail Michael, the Mighty Eater of the Soup!

If you click on the thumbnail you can read the sign. Charlotte is pretending to be lost.

My sister is the nut on the right. I’m the Gilligan with the bad attitude. I was like, “This is not funny. It’s just not.”

Do you even want to know how many pictures we have of this toilet? Let’s just say we have more than enough for a nice coffee-table book. Michael simply could not make himself stop giggling and taking pictures.

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