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First up – Making great strides in the way my blog is read:

Michael has set up a PDA friendly version of my site. Even some of you without PDAs might prefer the stripped-down version of the site to looking at my usual purple background, which begins to look more hideous to me every day.

It may well be time for some turquoise blue or mint green here. I’ll have to sleep on it.

Next – A touching geek interest story that reminds us of how science fiction and reality sometimes intertwine:

While watching Star Gate SG-1 tonight we noticed that one of the recurring characters was using our television remote in a way that indicated it was a high-tech scanning device. It is a nice remote control, but so far we haven’t used it to detect Goa’uld bombs or anything akin to them…

Note to self: Read the owner’s manual and possibly save the earth from a hostile alien race.

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  • The original Star Trek used ornate salt and pepper shakers as tricorders. Just make sure you set the thing to “stun” before using it indoors. You wouldn’t want to change the channel to the Game Show Network and inadvertantly vaporize the love seat or (worse) activate the DVD player. And whatever you do, don’t cross the streams. It would be bad.

  • Oh dear.

    To think, I could be a hero.

    Nyah, not in my job description. 😉

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