Kentucky Shuffles Uneasily

If you live near Cincinnati, it’s likely that you just heard the whole city breathe a unified sigh of relief. Apparently there are over 331,825 Cincinnatians, and my husband and I managed to annoy each and every one of them during our brief stay.

So, if you were privy to this audible sigh but wondered about the cause of it, well, mystery solved…

Obviously, certain apologies are in order:

Dear Ohio,

You can come out of the basement now. We’re back in Kentucky and everything is going to be ok. I am truly sorry for any undue stress I caused you.

Your Friend,

Dear Kentucky,

I regret to inform you that the worst has happened — both my husband and I made it back safely from our trip. Go back to the basement.

Apologies in Advance,

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  • You guys were only in Cincinnati less than 4 days. How did you manage to even come in contact with, not to mention annoy all those people? Stay up late, get up early? Well this Kentuckian thinks they were lucky to have the likes of you. Thanks for letting us keep Pumpkin.

  • Okay, I think I understand the origin of the rumors of Ken Griffey Jr coming back to Seattle. (whew!) =)

    Was Cincinnati a vacation destination?

  • Michael had to go there to “test the new build”. So, since he had to be there for business, he asked me to tag along. It was a pleasant time overall except that I got lost every single day.

  • What in the world did you do???? Bet on baseball?

  • I am an Ohio girl but honestly…I don’t like The big “C” either. heh heh. But us Ohioans were honored to have you visit our state.

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