Wrappers and Coupons and Stubs – Oh My!

Stace at Daymented was searching for Midol in her purse and found some ancient candy there, which prompted her to ask her readers to pour out their purses and describe the contents they found therein.

So, here’s a list for ya, Stace. My garbage dump of a purse contained the following junk:

  • $30 dollars in wadded bills and $2.23 in change.
  • A wadded up Snickers wrapper, its contents long gone.
  • A voided check, wadded up.
  • Several wadded receipts.*
  • Four expired coupons. Wadded? Yep.
  • A five cent gaming voucher from Caesar’s, Indiana.
  • Various scribblings to myself and reminder notes on tiny pieces of paper.
  • 3 tubes of Chapstick – tropical twist, green apple and strawberry.
  • One sunblock stick.
  • A 2 oz. bottle of body lotion.
  • Nine old cash register receipts.
  • Two punch cards for Planet Smoothie.
  • A valid $3 off coupon for The Comedy Caravan.
  • Three ticket stubs from a lackluster performance of Lord of the Dance.
  • A pencil.
  • Three combs.
  • A green bead bracelet.
  • A manicure set.
  • A mint. Still wrapped. Wow!
  • Two different kinds of “internal breath freshener” pills.
  • An order form for Writer’s Digest magazine.
  • A white paper napkin.
  • A Bic Lighter.
  • And last but not least,
    5 Extra Strength Midol – still safely packaged and awaiting consumption.

That’s right, Stace, you should have checked my purse for Midol instead of your own.

*Wadded is obviously the key word, so from here on out, if something could even conceivably be wadded, you can safely assume it is.

Below: A picture I took before cleaning up the mess contained in my purse. Dorothy and her friends are appalled by what a disgusting slob I am. Hence, their appropriate expressions of shock and awe.

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  • Man, I should have asked you first.
    And if you wad something up, how does it end up back in your purse? I would think that the process of wadding leads to throwing in the trash? Or does it end up wadded from some other source??
    Kinda like putting an empty carton back in the fridge.

    P.S. please leave a comment linking to your answer!
    P.P. S. There’s a Caesar’s in Indiana?!?

  • I understand your confusion, but I crumple things up and stuff them in my pockets or my purse all the time in lieu of seeking out a proper trash receptacle. In fact, if I were homeless, I’m sure the crumpled paper surrounding me would keep me warm.

    Oh, yeah, there’s a Caesar’s in Indiana. It is one of several boat casinos that exist there now, and it’s officially my favorite charity.

    So, to sum up, I’m the worst sort of slob and there is definitely a Caesar’s in Indiana.

  • I love you so much for the Wizard of Oz purse that I will completely ignore your wadding and slobishness.

  • In my right pocket, I usually only keep my car keys. In my left pocket goes every loose receipt and every scrap of change. And after a few days, I’ll sort through everything and surprise myself with how much I’ve actually debited from our checking account, or how much cash I actually have.

  • how funny, i just cleared out the medicine from my backpack today and blogged about how much money i had been wasting. its a bit scary.

  • At least you know you can always start a small fire, any time you need to. In fact your purse might spontaneously combust! oh my god!

    My bag looks the same 🙂

  • Ha! I swear I didn’t see this post before writing my title today. So clearly it’s just that we should SOOO be friends.

  • I knew that. : 1
    t thought it was cool that we think alike. 😀

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