How Many Pixies Does It Take to Lift a Scoop?

Some day in the future I will be able to plan a birthday party for myself. I’ll buy all the streamers, I’ll send out invitations, and I’ll even bake my own cake. But, the real beauty of it will be that when it’s time for the party it will still come as a huge surprise to me.

That’s how frickin’ absent-minded I’m getting!

I’m so flaky. Pillsbury should sell me in a can.


I woke up yesterday and made my morning coffee. Then I surfed about the internet for a little while. I don’t remember what I read, but it must have been engrossing. Anyhow, while I’m reading, I start getting a hankerin’ for a cup o’ joe, so I’m thinking, “I should go make some coffee.”

When I walked into my kitchen, I swear I was happy as a cat to discover a full pot already setting there.

The coffee fairies came! They came!

Then it occurred to me that I am suffering from short term memory loss, and my joy was stifled almost as soon as it began.

But, don’t worry, folks. Hell, I’m gonna forget this whole incident ever happened quicker than you can say “ditz.”

Coffee fairies are nice.

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