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Republicans love to photoshop. I know because I just visited a site where a pic was posted of a peace protesor with a sign that read “I *heart* NY even better without the trade center.” Um, hmm.

Yeah, PEACE protestors love terrorists.

Sad thing is some morons will see that stupid crap and buy into the “liberals hate America” propoganda that the GOP is pushing.

Can anybody believe the depths to which some people will stoop in a lame attempt to re-elect a hateful, useless ass-faced clown? No, really?

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  • hehehe… I gotta admit, though, that pic you mention sounds kinda creative, although tasteless bs, of course.

  • Actually, I really do not think this picture you speak of is a photoshopped pic. I will do a bit of research, and post it on my blog if I can prove one way or another.

    BTW, nice feature to stop automatic spam! Where might one get the script for it?

  • Actually, knowing that you feel either myself, or Judicios Asinity photoshopped the pic, I’ll say right now I don’t even know where to begin to photoshop a picture like that. Can’t speak for JA though.

  • I made no assumptions about who did it. But, I’m sure both Dem.s and Rep.s are mad about 9/11, so i didn’t think that it expressed “what peaceniks really think” about ANYTHING.

  • Here is a question:

    Is it possible that there are some who carry this sentiment? I understand and respect the point you have made that “what peaceniks really think” may be a very wide ranging title. I should have put perhaps:

    what some peaceniks really think

    or such.

    There are truly some people however who feel that we are better off after being attacked by terrorists, that they feel we truly needed humbled. I do not share these sentiments, and such a sign really irks me. I will concede the point, however, that I aimed too wide, and should have been a bit more specific. Not all anti-war protesters carry this sentiment.

  • Don’t worry, I’ll trek back over to your site. (Actually, if you have rss I’ll probably add you to my news aggregator). Yes, whoever either photoshopped or even made, and carried the sign, is a looney. It is disrespectful to the lives lost, and to the rest of America, whose landscape will forever be changed, emotionally, spiritually, and politically. While we may disagree on politics, I’m sure we agree on that. Don’t worry, though I’m a conservative I don’t bite, and I am an agreeable, as most are.

  • I have neither met or read a liberal who expressed a “taken down a notch” sentiment about the US and terrorism. Sounds like words being put in our mouths to me.

    I think Bin Laden should have been targeted immediately after 9/11, but Bush was attacking Iraq instead, so he had no time…

    And we saw all the NUKES (oil) Iraq had.

    Also, no need to post a link to me. I wasn’t sure you’d check back here. But, I certainly wasn’t implying you should trackback to my site.

    I’m very happy with my audience remaining mostly freedom fighting liberals, thank you very much.

  • Actually I was not going to post a link to you, though if I came to enjoy your site one day I might, if that’s ok. You’ll see that I rarely link to Democrats/liberals, but do if they merit one. I was going to add you to my aggregator,however, which means you will become someone I read from time to time if you don’t mind. As for the thing on Bush not going after bin Laden, I remember that in October of 2001 we did go into Afghanistan, and remain there searching to this day. While I will not get into a discussion on the merits of attacking Iraq, I will say that the job of finding bin Laden is much more difficult given Afghanistan’s terrain. In fact, many invaders into that country usually lose due to the terrain. I feel we will find bin Laden sooner or later.

    BTW, I have changed the title and added a bit more info to the post we have been discussing at my site. I am flexible, and will admit when I am wrong, a very hard to find trait among many bloggers.

  • I think the point Debbie was trying to make is that these things happen and the Republicans aren’t above it. They know that they can pander to the lowest common denominator by creating false impressions. Look what Karl “Our Man Satan” Rove did to John McCain in South Carolina.

  • The republicans admitted a while back that this war was not about terror.

    Now, at his convenience, Bush is both trying to use 9/11 to get re-elected and preventing an independednt investigation into its causes.

    This pisses me off. A LOT.

    But, I don’t want to get too political here. I’m done now. (I think.)

  • well, there’s no source or date cited; it doesn’t really fit in with the theme of the protest (see the sign in the background), there’s a trace of the little (r) symbol next to the Y, and the curve on the letters doesn’t look right (color saturation, and anti-aliasing issues not present elsewhere). plus, i don’t think this guy would have lasted too long.

    So, yeah, I don’t think it’s any more real than this one:

    time to go see forrest gump on dvd?

  • Yeah, he wouldn’t have lasted long. 🙂

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